bribing players to switch teams in order to stomp

achillesRising (aR) 2 years ago • updated by fonky(aguy) 2 years ago 1

Believe it or not, this is a real problem. I have seen multiple players on multiple occasions promising bones (and therefore gold) if others switched teams to their team. Then, if the 5 best players move to the same team, the other team basically becomes a bone farm. I'm not going to name anyone because then the community gives me shit.

Come on, guys. Are players willing to swoop that low just to boost their gold collection? I feel even more detached from the community due to this in addition to all the toxic voices in chat.

This is just another reason why this update wasn't perfectly executed. That, in addition to making bows even more useless and archers even more less rewarded, as well as making sword even more obnoxious to deal with (the staff nerf moved a bunch of staff players onto sword, and the sword special is infuriating-instant cast time, no counters, basically free damage).

Yeah, the bow and hammer need some love, I could just write a well put-together, condensed, constructive article now, I'll have to wait till next week. Nice move.

Agreed. With the players switching teams. If you wanted to play with one friend, that would be fine, but having a group sweep through another team is just plain infuriating. Think about the others playing the game, if you drive everyone away, what's the point of all the bones and gold you got?