Magic stick

Rezak 2 years ago • updated by anonymous 2 years ago 6

1. Attack range
I think it is necessary to limit the magic stick radius defeat , they turned into a rapid-fire bow.

2. Freeze
Freezing have too much long last. I mean, that enemy under action freezing able to obtain from a mage with full stamina great damage, remaining with 0.5 health. And thus it creates an imbalance in the arena, and so as the projectile passes through enemies, in battle 3 on 3 it can cause a complete defeat.

3. The rate of fire
As I already said, magic wand is a rapid-fire version of the onion
. Its rate of fire allows you to do a lot of damage over a short time period, as well as the difficulty to avoid damage. Beginners due to rate of fire and unlimited radius of destruction magic stick can't even try to kill these enemies. And under the action potions of haste, magic wand turns into a minigun.

P.S. I hope you were able to read and understand.

I think that reducing the rate of fire or shot range is enough for balance the wand.


"rapid-fire version of the ONION" xD

The translator is evil

Concordo quanto a isso, mas ainda acho que a arma nova deveria ser removida do jogo.

I do not think the wand is so good, 3 vs 3 is not good.

Maybe I should reduce the range but instead add mana bar