This game is devolving.

achillesRising (aR) 2 years ago • updated by Seraph 2 years ago 4

Unfortunately, the past few updates (those introducing the new ruins map and introducing the new attack, ice staff, etc.) have caused more problems than they have fixed. This, combined with the slew of bugs and the toxicity of a few very vocal players, has driven me to stop playing. If you agree, Please do say so in the chat below, maybe we can actually get Rezoner's attention and he'll try to change something.


I really dont care its still a good game


You must know this game is developing for only one person. Rez can't repair all bugs in one day, this is too much work. Give him time, i believe he working very hard for us.

And about Toxic players - just ignore them.


It's just shit full of bugs!

Sure there is toxicity, and it's really redundant-- but we can still recover from it after being attacked.

The charged attack works great, but the Wand might be a little OP due to the frost bolt.

I still think it's okay, but not good. It just needs a push in the right direction.

~Seraph, currently Vrathe