Weapons in General Need a Rework

achillesRising (aR) 4 years ago 0

This post was originally going to be titled 'melee weapon specials need a rework', but as I tried to write I just ran into more and more problems with how the game plays out right now that I had to change the title. Sorry for the messy post, this is really only meant for Rezoner, but if you want to read it, sure.

With the addition of the Magic Staff and the Bow's Piercing Shot, Combat in general is in a bad spot. Right now, it's the hammer is undeniably more powerful than the axe and the sword is undeniably more powerful than the hammer. However, Bow and Staff are sort of incomparable because they don't focus on melee attacks.

In the current playstyle of the Ruins map, both bow and staff are nearly pointless options. Because the main combat zone is so cramped and filled with fighters, having a weapon that is weak at melee but better at range doesn't make sense, as you can close the gap to a ranged weapons user pretty quickly. The bow excels at providing support to teammates from afar and disrupting the advancing enemy, while the staff works best when you charge from an unexpected angle to flank the opponents and deal auxiliary damage while they are occupied with your melee teammates. However, with everyone just smashing together in the middle of the map, this doesn't work. These weapons will only be as effective as melee weapons in a larger, more complex environment with a defined front line.

The way blocking interacts with the mage beam is unfair. Instead, the staff should get a 'mana bar' so they can;t just have it on constantly, but being stunned by a block is dumb.


Each melee weapon should have a different charge attack, as Bow and Ice Staff get their own unique ones. I don't know what they would be, but it feels wrongly asymmetrical that all melee weapons have the same charge attack but the bow and ice staff get their own.

Ice Staff Special May Be Overpowered. It has the potential to do the most damage of any special attack if you freeze someone and then spam attack or use your beam, a mana bar could also fix that problem

Melee Specials are Unbalanced. The sword's special attack is undeniably too strong, as it does good damage, can hit many targets, is difficult to predict, and pushes you back ridiculously. WITH THE ADDITION OF RANGED WEAPONS, ALL WEAPON SPECIALS SHOULD BE CREATED WITH AN ATTEMPT AT BALANCE. It just feels so cheesy to annihilate an axe-wielder with a sword special off the cliff, the specials were created with the goal of having the sword be the best weapon, but that should change.

CONCLUSION: I'm sad to say that the new ruins map paired with this newest update may have created more problems than it has fixed, and that along with all the bugs has driven me to stop playing. I hope these problems are at least acknowledged.

Stay sharp,