Disarm is Useless And Block is Too Strong

achillesRising (aR) 4 years ago updated by Seraph 4 years ago 6

As far as I can tell, Disarm only works when the opponent has been spamming weak attack. If they're doing that, it's always better to just block and then get three free hits off on them. 75% of their health is a lot more valuable than a weapon for 15 seconds, especially considering they can just use roll and kick to be better than punch in every way.

Ultimately, this update just adds to the block's (already unbalanced) power, Block now counters:


Charge Attack




Piercing Shot

Magic Beam

Ice Projectile

Hammer Smash

Axe Wave

Sword Spin

That's way too many things that are shut down by one move, especially considering in the cases of attack, charged attack, and magic beam you are then granting the blocker the ability to attack 3 TIMES WITHOUT PUNISHMENT, which accounts for 75% of the enemy's health pool, and since the block literally negates EVERY SINGLE SPECIAL MOVE, in many cases the enemy's special has gone to waste and they have to wait for it to go off cooldown. Something needs to be done about this.

You can also break the block by (T)rolling and dashing with shield up. Block is very useful to survive, and really there's no need to make anything bad or good with it.


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