Under review

The update is full of Bugs

Gorilla/Gori2 7 years ago updated by herobrine 7 years ago 15

As you can see in the picture below you can see

1.)Dashes Animations stuck on my left

2.)A sandworm animation on my right

3.)Crates broken my an invisible thing that not only breaks random stuff,many times it harms you or other players too

~~~~~~~~Other Bugs~~~~~~~~~

As I have noticed:

1.)Sound sometimes does not work,it may has a delay or maybe does not work at all

2.)7/10 Games my screen freezes and I am forced to refresh the page losing all my progress in the game

3.)Random Guillotines appearing in the market

4.)Spikes when someone including me uses the Bow Special Attack

5.)Platform boundaries have problems

6.)Happened one time but still,I saw a clone of my self when i respawned

7.)Generally game is laggy

8.)The sound of someone running can be heard permanatly in many games

I hope they are fixed I'll continue playing anyway :P

Image 409

+Animation of Arrow does not appear

I know And chat

+random movement +invisible arrows


6. is just a bot

so my clone was bot? PS. do he was doing the same moves like you?

Regardless, it is a bot. Once you leave/die sometimes an entity will spawn to make it look like you left the server yourself (by killing the bot it disconnects).

I had a bug where my sward was trying to charge like a bow.

Every days this happens to me ! Ugh!

Holy shit Elois, that's rough.

Happened to me today also

Under review

I have removed staff beam that caused a lot of gfx glitches, I hope its better now. I have also updated tiles drawing 5 minutes ago and I hope it will prevent fps drop but I can't promise. Changed the pit bottom texture so its more obvious what is the walkable area


staff op