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Running Animation - Is It A Glitch/Bug?

Vigilante Gaming 8 years ago updated 7 years ago 8

Topic of Interest: Since the newest update (currently as of 1/20/17) I am aware of numerous bugs in the game - most of being fixed very soon. I've recorded some footage of a running animation bug/glitch that is in need of fixing.

Youtube video

No, the glitch is shown at the video segments: 0:40 - 0:50.

Under review

Yes - i have been rewriting running mechanics and forgot setting a minimum stamina required to run - so it results in using your micro resources of stamina to perform micro run periods ;)

When can we expect this to be fixed, or is it already dealt with?

Fixed it 5 minutes ago but I am going to sleep so I am not risking pushing the update - it will be updated tomorrow morning (european time)

Understood, thanks for fixing this issue!

Sorry, I am postponing the update - I am working on redefining keys - and it currently breaks the whole game - it should be delivered this week.

Understood about the issue, thank you for the notification.

I sent you a private message on Twitter, it is rather urgent - would you mind taking a look?