CTF - Flag gets detached from player when jumping over a hole

Marez_ 8 years ago updated by Khargok Saitama 8 years ago 2

In CTF, when player is running with the flag and jumps over a hole/void the red circle gets detached from player, as seen in the picture, but flag stays with the player

It's impossible to score (as game doesn't react to bringing enemy flag to the base), bots seem to think that flag is where the red circle was left (but the flag is physically not there, you cannot pick it up if you touch that circle). And when player holding the flag is killed, then the flag appears at red circle's location.

Interestingly enough the circle can be attached back to the player if he comes near it while holding the flag.

Pic 1.: Detached circle

Pic 2.: Radar showing the flag at red circle's location, even though I am holding the flag.

Image 326

Pic 3.: Bots attracted to red circle, thinking that flag is there.

Image 325