Coin Currency - Solution To Confusion?

Vigilante Gaming 7 years ago 0

Topic of Interest: During my activity on The Vigilante Discord, two ideas (look at other upcoming post) came to my mind that we've seem to neglected for the time being - currency.

What is "currency?" How does it effect the game, positively and/or negatively? How can we change it? All are questions that will be answered in this post.

What is currency?

Currency, provided by definition from Google, is: http://prntscr.com/dt6gxi

Notice in the synonyms of the word, "coins" are listed - thus making it currency.

How does currency effect the game?

Positively, currency provides a stable base economy of some sorts providing purchases of weapons and clothing (as of now).

Negatively, currency if over produced to accommodate for a large gap between the supply and the demand. This causes inflation which can change the lifestyle of how people live their daily life. If currency has actual value instead acting as a place holder in the game, positive results can occur.

How can we change it?

You can add value to each individual coin, example: A bronze coin would be 1/4 the value of a gold coin, silver being half the value of a gold coin, and the gold coin being the highest valued object - thus being the least given.