Void Rift Map

ConTheKoala 8 years ago updated by Rezoner1337 8 years ago 0

If you could can you plz add a map called The Void Rift?With Crystal spikes and...Wraiths(i know you read all the ideas but srly bro the game needs wraiths :P)Also it would have Void Spirits instead of goblins,the yetis would be like the League of legends Rift Herrald(probably not because its like stealing ideas :/)anyway the yetis would be giant void brute creatures and for last there would be a boss(i know no one wants a boss because its 2hard with these hit points but im not a guy who cares about this)and plz put a GIANT PURPLE GUMMY WORM as the boss :3(GPGW)

#GPGW is love #GPGW is life :3

also thats a lot of features :P(how do i sleep at night)