A separate table for the arena 3 vs 3

Александр Козырнов 8 years ago updated by Rezak 8 years ago 2

I believe that the table for the arena 3 vs 3 is not correct. Due to the fact that high wounds can't often play it. You can make a separate table Perhaps it will help to play in arena 3 vs 3 and make it available for every player in the wilds.io .I suggest this idea because I am high rank in arena and almost no one can play the arena 3 vs 3. I think you will support me for all the high ranks and players !

I translated through an interpreter, there may be errors


I think it's better to make separate statistics for battle 3 on 3 . It would be nice if I was awarded points like in football. And the number of points does not affect who you fight