Allow custom names for everyone

DIAM0ND W0LF 78 7 years ago updated 7 years ago 10

Um, you can already have custom names. Just make an account, give it a name and claim it.


(Taeverkuemis in game)

yeah but everyone cant access that


You can't make a FaceBook account?

in the old version you were allowed to have a name but not claim it.

Um, yes you could. Are you blind? The claim button was right there, and right next to the name you wanted to put.

You just needed an account, you jacka-

~Seraph (Taeverkuemis in-game)

yeah but you didnt need an acount to name yourself you needed one to claim it


Then make one! It's not that hard. all you have to do is go to hell you dumb son of a-- put your email in or your facebook password, etc. Then put in a password and done!

It's literally that simple you fucking i-


~Seraph (Taeverkuemis in-game)

not everyone can do that