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Delete tribe for 3 vs 3

Александр Козырнов 8 years ago updated by Vigilante Gaming 8 years ago 4

I think that clan for arena 3 vs 3 unnecessary. People don't understand what it's for. They do not write it there where it is necessary and because of this no one can play the arena 3 vs 3 Clan can be converted that he was just after the name or make it a link to privat match.

No! This is great for clan wars! I don't think he should delete it, because it can be good for solo-queuing too!

Though I may be just biased.

Under review

Anyway - you don't need to use "tribe" - it's totally optional. Even if you write random letters there it won't break match making for you as you will be 1 person team - just like if u haven't typed anything.

This is a great addition to the game, it gives our guild a chance to have any future wars or issues.