Under review

Rezoner after a while I thought of how can be control of the wilds.io version of mobile

RHAMOS16 7 years ago updated by issa04 7 years ago 6

See if it's good you approve if not I Fasso another much more superior

Image 258

The blue button and the special And in the upper left corner And the fling button to the weapon

And by pressing the joystick twice it runs fast

So it's approved yes or no

Which is already planned logically is an idea for the rezoner if he can uasr this '' thing '' that I did

Under review

Have you tried playing wilds.io on mobile?
I find the current control scheme is ok - it just lacks (a lot) of buttons.

I noticed this too but the positioning of the buttons is good

The shield button is much to small, for the amount it is used.

Your kidding right?

Depends on the screen of the phone but for me it's favorable