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Lets discuss Parties (Please respond rez)

StrikerOG 8 years ago updated by Rezoner1337 8 years ago 2

Hey StrikerOG here, I just had an idea. (I think its good). So rez, you could make some sort of rank or package that would help the game grow. You would not get a weapon to benefit you in real matches but you would have access to make a cool party. A party that you could customize and add stuff. Once you leave the lobby that you own terminates and everyone is kicked. You would get a little tag next to your name too. That symbolizes you have access to make your own grand party. I think it would be cool if you and your friends from wilds could face a swarm of yetis side by side or have all bows just in that lobby. I think this is a good Idea but lets see what you think ans what the community thinks. Thank you.

He hardly ever responds to peoples ideas. And you know that you can bump your old thread instead of having to make a new one.

Under review

I am working on something like a global map where you travel and can visit various places with friends or alone which pretty much adhere to this idea - however it's SO MUCH work that I cannot promise it will be released - I am still prototyping it.