An idea for use the wand

Egzekutor 8 years ago updated 8 years ago 4

As we talked Rezoner said that the wand at the moment is too strong. But perhaps that's good because I came up with an idea that may be perfect for the wand. It is a new mode which I called "Predator".

The idea is that at the beginning wand will be hidden somewhere or to available to pick up at a specific location. During the search, all the players can not hurt each other.

But at the moment when one of the players pick it up can attack other players, and this is only way to gain kills. Of course, at the same time other players can attack one who has a wand. After killing the "Predator" wand again appear in a random place or will be possible to raise by another player. Winner is the player, who scores a certain number of kills.

Tell me what you think about this idea

wand is out?!?!

Hah You answered in my old post?

I dont think so. Rezoner have so much work now. Guilds and wand its now priority for him, so we need wait for results little longer ;]

I do not like the idea very much, I prefer it to be a weapon like the others

This is one of my firsts ideas. I know here is much to change ;]