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Changes in the new update

Egzekutor 8 years ago updated by StrikerOG 8 years ago 8

New update needs a few amendments. First of all, you need to fix the error displaying the ranks during the game, because we all have the first rank. Second, the current system of counting killing is not very good, because the more points is the one who more play. I think that the best solution would be to calculate k / d ratio. In the future, you can also add a separate statistics for each weapon.

Image 254

This is an example of how it could look like this table.

(It's screen from dead game Battlefield heroes)

Under review

"The error displaying the ranks during the game".

In every mode? And do you mean the ranks above the head?

The problem with K/D is that after a while each kill / death become meaningless to the overall ratio like 4000 / 3500 is not as easily affected by further numbers as let's say 10 / 15

Solution would be to store K/D with dates and pick just last 100 but that's a killer for database.

Above all kills (ruins score) is not for competitive pro players - it's just for casuals so they can advance so I don't really want to put much pressure on it.

.... I wrote MRR instead of MMR in code. Fixed.


I confirm all the icons now show up correctly.


The problem is that everyone started to race to achieve the greatest result of the killings...

And if ranking kill was reset once a day, or a week?

This is prevented by a foolish race and allowed to each player to compare results with other players on a regular basis, and not as a whole.

I think there will be reocurring reset that will leave you 10% of your score so you are somehow rewarded for the race.


I think it's a good idea. Certainly better than the current rat race XD

So will top people be rewarded gold?