Remove damage invulnerability During specials

achillesRising (aR) 4 years ago 0

Now, I have all the weapons, and I feel that the sword and hammer just have a disgusting advantage over axe because they are completely immune to pretty much all damage while casting. This is really dumb, because as a sword user I can just initiate around a corner with the special and there is absolutely nothing they can do to hurt me. Knives, arrows, and shockwaves are absorbed with no effect, along with other special attacks. The only thing that can deal damage through these are bombs, worms, and maybe bears. Rezoner, if you aren't going to rebalance the weapons to make them all equally powerful, at least fix this one thing, because it's just shameful. I know the whole point is that they are better, that's why you buy them, but if you are going to make all modes ranked, then fix these problems because it is simply unfair.