Players are not being thrown in battle

Rezak 2 years ago • updated by Sir Brutal 2 years ago 5

Hello Rezoner. In the game there was this error that players with enough points are not thrown into the fight in the arena. Please fix it. I don't want to fight with 2-3 players

I don't completely understand your question!

Это ошибка, а не вопрос. I have like 300 points, but ISSA has 180, but I still did not cast him in battle

You must forgive him, he is one of my guild members. His native tongue is Russian, I believe what he saying is that there are more than one person in the arena matches acting as a bug. Saying, "I don't want to fight with 2-3 players." makes me believe this is the issue.

The last part suggests that only 2-3 people can fight against me in the arena

So you're saying that you cannot fight Issa04 in battle. The problem is that the max difference in ranks that a player can fight is 25%, and you're almost double his rank. Maybe try leveling down a bit ;)