Make the hats give different personality to the character

RHAMOS16 4 years ago updated by Sir Brutal 4 years ago 3

As the fox hat (or wolf) causes it to growls and barks and more hats should have that option

Spartan hat make the most fearless

Mafioso (or cowboy) hat leave the pesonagem as an expert person
Viking hat leave the most angry character

The skull leaves the character as if he were a zombie.

Santa's hat (or just a hat) leaves the most cheerful character

It would be really cool if they could change the sound of the persons voice commands. :D

Like one with a deep voice.

Another with a more aggressive voice.


I would love to do some voice recordings for this game, if need be. I have a pretty good range. I love Death Metal, so I sometimes do growling :)

Note: It might also go well with a thread I created a few days ago titled "Voice Commands."

Have you already tried to send some to the rezoner?

No I haven't.