super ability's for the king?

werewolf 4 years ago 0

i was playing the game when i got knocked back suddenly into a spike trap. the result was amazing. the spike trap chucked me even higher into the air but because i had never touched the ground something weird happened. i went flying threw the air at top speed for a whole screen width and smashed into the wall. i obviously died. the reason for this is because you only stop moving when you land on the ground. i hadn't touched the ground when i got thrown 10 times higher into the air by the spike trap! this meant i was still moving.

this inspired me to type up this idea. the idea is simple when you become king you turn into a different being depending on what one is selected. you can select and buy new king avatars in the skins shop. the default one gives you a golden crown extra health and damage. there are many others you could buy including Persian prince, viking king, arch mage, giant king and many more. one of which could hopefully throw players across the screen as it was surprisingly fun watching my player getting tossed across the screen like a rag doll.

hope you like this idea (: