an even BETA mode

werewolf 4 years ago 0

how about you make a new game mode with a large world. the worlds edge would fall off the screen. there could be oceans islands different terrain's and mini civilizations.

how about 2 large islands with a city for each team on it. the city would have an arena for practice battling. you could battle actual other players in it monsters and non player characters. this could replace training, 1 vs 1 battles and you wouldn't have to make a separate monster battling mode.

the city's would also include a harbor where you can buy ships, recruit men and be recruited as a sailor. it would also include a shop where you can buy armor, a shop for buying potions and scrolls and a shop for buying weapons. this would mean you wouldn't have to have a separate place for buying skins.

when you start you would appear in the city center and could travel around the island. you could swim in water but at half speed and you would have a swimming bar which makes you drown when it runs out. more small islands could be added around the place each would have a different terrain. the main islands would have a desert with a town containing shops which sell different weapons. a snowy area up in the mountains with a Nordic town. a jungle with a cannibal town which could sell skins like the shamans mask or staff. a forest with friendly elves in it and a town in the trees. and some open plains with a town selling horses. there could be different terrains for each team or they could be the same. each terrain would have its own monsters on it.

monsters could include. krakens, werewolves, sharks, elves, orcs, bears, boar, giants, giant rats, ogres, trolls, tigers, cannibals, dragons, dwarfs, yeti and wolves. these are just some possibility's.

if you have any more ideas please post in the comments below.