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Game Mode: "Adventure Mode"

Vykrad 7 years ago updated 7 years ago 2

A cooperative game mode where a number of players enter a pyramid/dungeon. The objective is to make it to the exit. To do that, the players need to defeat enemies (and bosses?), do different tasks, avoid traps etc.

- Mummies would be a great new monster to this game mode. Also, bosses like Anubis could be neat as well.

- The players who reach the end of the dungeon/pyramid will receive rewards (Gold?).

- To spice up Adventure Mode, there could be a small chance the players will find treasures or loot enemies which will give them exclusive hats? (Or some sort of a rare reward).

- Vykrad

Under review

Don't take it as a promise but I am protoyping an adventure mode based on a game called Moonstone. Basically you have a map and spawn points that you can visit


I think that would be amazing! I'm glad to hear that you're working on this game, because I just love it.

I am excited to see how that will become, if it turns out to be a good idea for the game!