achillesRising (aR) 2 years ago • updated by Poke Hano 2 years ago 2


I LOVE the way the new free-for-all plays! It feels so much more wild and fluid. One more thing though... Why not add a draw/sheathe weapon function? The way the clans are rumored to be coming along ingame, and now the lack of hard teams in desert makes it feel more of an open-world game, which is awesome. I feel pressing a button like R or something just to strap your weapon and shield to your back and run around unarmed wouldn't be hard to implement and won't mess with the balance of the game, it's just another thing to boost the cool factor (and may be used to signal pacifism or peace, if you just want to explore and are tired of pwning n00bs)

How about swapable weapons?

Or maybe the sheath would increase your speed? It has potential. Also please think about adding more structures because rocks sinkholes and trees are kind of boring.(Im sorry its the truth)