new modes like capture the flag, take the fort, and war mode

werewolf 2 years ago 0

capture the flag would be great. 2 flags a huge distance apart guarded by arrow shooting turrets and room releasing enemy players further behind it.

take the fort would be simple. a fort with ramparts for archers. a keep which the fort holders instantly restart when the die and a gem they are guarding.

war mode would have vast amounts of monsters spawning and charging into battle against the players. basically an epic battle.

assassins mode would have a building with patrolling guards and a particular one that you have to kill. basically impossible to fight your way threw.

the hunt would be a forest like area at night with werewolves in it. if you are a patron you can play as a werewolf. if not you can try hunt them.

tag mode would be simple. a basic map with no buildings. 2 teams and when you kill someone on the other team they swap to your team.

there are many other ideas i have come up with but these are the main ones.