List of Nitpicks

tushar koteshwar 7 years ago updated by v2. 7 years ago 1

I am enjoying this game for the most part, but here is a list of small changes I suggest implementing:

- The Sand Wyrm should always be able to kill you when you fall down, which will create more tense battles where the Wyrm is in range, which are basically the same thing as where it is absent right now.

- Gold needs to be more accessible. This is easily my biggest problem. The rate at which gold drops, combined with the average amount of people on a server, adds up to annoying grinds to get the new skills which, by the way, look very promising. We could also use an increase to the daily gold limit.

- Add customizing controls. For the most part, the controls are good, but I would really like to change my special to left shift. I'm sure some others will also have their ideal changes, so this change couldn't hurt.

- Increase drop rate of items in crates. It is very annoying to fight your way up to the treasure room only to get absolutely nothing from the crates.

- Fix the wall system. It is totally broken. Getting attacked through walls is annoying, people wallshifting is annoying, and people stealing items through walls is annoying. Additionally, falling down when hitting a wall is enough, I don't think people should take damage.

- Add some stat boosts for using different helmets and shields in the shop. This will really increase the depth and choice which this game could really use.

And that's it! Tell me if I missed something, and tell me if you guys agree with what I'm saying.


its a clan now people are calling themselves soulshifters because of wallshifting great