Shorter Rolling Distance

TheIonGamer 3 years ago 0

The new map's layout has lots of walls. Though I do very much like it, the walls make utilizing rolling to counter blocks just about impossible without self-harm.

Yes, it does break the block, but 9 times of out 10, you just hit a wall and take damage yourself, or fall into a pit. That usually happens because a single roll is very long. Reacting to a Block with kick or attack just ends up with carnage.

For that reason, it's just become a game of "Who can block Better.", and just spamming the Block -> Attack combo is the most effective way to defeat any enemy.

For that reason, I propose a change to Rolls. Making rolling shorter both in distance and duration. That would give players a way to consistently break shielding without having to worry about that wall on the other side of the room that the roll can't possibly reach, right?

This wouldn't change outside combat that much, but it will make rolling enemies take a bit more skill than it used to be.

I believe the change would balance both Attacking and Blocking. Blocking would, of course, be punishable with a well timed Roll, and Attacking would be used for shutting down Rolls, and not just Block combo followups or blind spam.