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People don't like this new version.

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I know there was a lot of work put into this new version, however, there wasn't a lot of communication between the players and the developer as to what type of game the players wanted.

Many players wanted a new map, more features, more classes, skins, etc. and a lot of that was answered in this new update. Although, these new features came with a drawback: the new graphics and movements. Many people want the old graphics and movements as they were more accurate and flowed more smoothly.

If we could keep the map, skins, traps, etc. but get rid of the new movements and graphics I think that many players would appreciate it.


yes i love old version

I agree, however, I like a lot of the things that were included in this update. I just feel that the combat and graphics aren't superior to the old game. It's really the only problem I have with the update.

Under review

Actually they do. Because all the whinning I have implemented a survey in game and it's a minority that don't like the updates. I will share the results soon. Anyway the old map will be added back.


It's more complicated than liking it and disliking it. I like the update, don't get me wrong, I just dislike certain aspects of it, as do other players. You can call it whining, but I and others are just expressing our dissatisfaction towards certain elements of the game. Thanks for implementing the survey, I think that players will be able to choose which parts of the game that they want implemented. I hope that we can soon see brutal football other modes added.

i dont like this version @Rezoner1337