add the goliath class, x2 size, golden armor, more health, specail new attacks.

werewolf 4 years ago updated by WilderLord 4 years ago 1

the Goliath class would be twice as large as th normal player. he would look slow motion but his speed would be the same as a normal player. when he gets larger than the normal max size the screen shakes when he moves. when the Goliath jumps the jump is small but it creates a shock wave around him knocking enemies over. he would look stocky and strong but not tall. he would have golden armor with a simple gold helm with a point on the top. his sword would be huge and deal 4 damage but his attacks would be half speed. he would have no charge flip roll or similar abilities but he would have 13 health to make up for it. the Goliath would cant be stunned or knocked back. when hit he dose not looked effected he just takes the damage. it is very hard to knock one over but if you do he takes twice as long to stand up. Goliath can also pick up particularly large boulders and throw them faster and further than the normal player. the Goliath takes half damage from ranged attacks.

hope you liked this idea.