Please Disable picking up an item you already have

Digital Dirk 3 years ago • updated by Troll Wielki 3 years ago 3

Me as well as many others enjoy setting up a little "shop" in some secluded area of the map where we farm the goblins for items, and stockpile them on the ground. I enjoy making my shop area a "violence-free zone" where nobody kills the other team, and i trade items with ANYONE on either team. they give 1 item in exchange for another. there is always some moron who doesnt get it and runs in, taking EVERY SINGLE ITEM I had on the ground. You should not be able to pick up items that you already have in your inventory as this is also a problem where someone with full health and a health pot in their inventory will steal a potion that low-health teammate was going for, deleting the item forever. there is no good reason that this change should not be implemented.




That always happens! I have 1 or 2 bars of health left and some dick ON MY OWN TEAM who has full health steals the potion from in front of me! PLEASE FIX THIS!


Some noobs picks up two daggers...