add a new gamemode called: Monster Fight or Creature Mode or (pick gamemode name for yourself), where you pick a creature that you desire. hope its good, monster types below :D

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Deer: Attacks: Headbutt, Charge, Special: Extreme Speed: Cooldown: 1 min,

Speed: lllll, Attack: ll, Health: lll

Wolf: Attacks: Bite, Pounce, Special: Bloodlust: Cooldown: 3 min,

Speed: llll, Attack: lll, Health: ll

Bear: Attacks: Bite, Swipe, Special: Rage: Cooldown: 2 min,

Speed: ll, Attack: lllll, Health: llll

Lion/Tiger: Attacks: Bite, Pounce, Special: Rend: Cooldown: 3 min,

Speed: lll, Attack: llll, Health: lll

Ape/Yeti: Attacks: Slam, Punch, Special: Earthquake: Cooldown: 5 min,

Speed: l, Attack: +lllll, Health: +lllll

(Patreons Only)

Also make a Creature Selection Menu to select a creature to play, and make it cool :)

I also thought if you can ADD new creatures yourself that i have not even thought of,


If I Forgot Anything Else To Say They Will Be In The Comments, Thanks And Have a Good Time

Updating Wilds.io :)

Oh! ! almost forgot XD, I got the idea from the game name, i hope this is the best idea ever, if so, please let me know in the comments. :) P.S. I was the guy who had the armor idea if you dont remember :/

anyway... like i said, Thanks for Everything :)

oops in the yeti, i meant to say patron only not patreon only, OOPS!!! mistakes were made :l


i think thes monsters should be used on the maps to