Berserkers can hit 2 hp when jumping.

v2. 8 years ago updated 8 years ago 4

When a berserker jumps or "crushes" on a player they're able to deal 2 hp damage. This can be quite annoying as there is no delay that allows you to block. 1 hp would be fine, but 2 hp is excessive.

Also, as this happens more often, berserks are able to hit you right after you get up from being crushed. This allows them to hit you as your player is getting, essentially the same as rolling as it's unblockable.


Just to clarify, I am a patron and play as a berserker. I am not saying that berserkers should not have the ability to crush, just that 2 hp is excessive, especially since berserkers have lots of mobility. I believe this to be a bug as when I play berserker I typically deal 1 hp when I crush someone.

My second point is about berserkers being able to hit players right as they're getting up. This is similar to people rolling, as you cannot block their hit when you are getting up after being crushed.


I notice it does 2 hp when u directly click on them so I do believe it was purposely implemented, and you actually can block it. As far as it being "unfair" I disagree, when you pay for something, regardless if the game is meant to be balanced, there is always going to be advantages to people who pay over free to play players in any game you play.


Possibly, but when I've tested and blocked I still got hit. It seems like the action is when your character is on the ground and starting to get up. It's similar to the roll abuse. I agree that since other players besides myself are paying and should get an advantage, but this is not skill based. I'm not sure if it was intentional, I'm simply bringing it up because I feel like it should be changed.


I'd also like to add slide abuse. There have been berserkers that are able to trap you in an endless slide loop. If this could be removed + berserkers being able to slide and knock down their team mates. This can be troublesome because you're a berserker and trying to catch up to someone and you knock your team mates back on accident.