maby add some what more of an open world feal to the map?

Muansi 8 years ago updated 8 years ago 2

well as the title sugest i was thinking about this:

If you plan to add more veriaty to the map like hils wather etc.

I sugest ad an expantion to the current on and set it up like an island whit as outer ring wather. Instead of lines on the outer ring like now..

Whit maby a big ass sea elite monster or somting :)

That way it feels somwhat like a tiny open world/island.

And on the island you can place bioms to fill it up.

like... grass, jungle, snow, dessert, mountins, lava etc what you like.

Whit each biome a specific type of elite monsters.

Whit maby a big ass dragon sommewhere:)

Ooh btw whit elite monsters i mean monsters like the big brown dude you currently have:)

Anyway you can also make the elite monsters give a specific buff to your team for a certain amount of time.

For instins that bick brown dude could give somting like a stun or nockback increase.

Sins from what if seen thats his style of play.

Hope this post is helpful.

Thx for reading!

Have a nice day.

I like your game.

Good luck:)

ps: srry for bad english

I really like the idea of having an island instead of a box in the destert with invisible walls.

About the biomes and elite monsters - we have to be careful not to change Wilds into another clone of Minecraft/LoL :)

Haha yea i see what you mean

wood like it do:)