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Ukryty and anyone else, in case you wanna contact me on discord, here's my tag: ItzSeal#8800

Hi everyone, it's Seal here, just to say again that I'm sorry for everything and wreaking havoc on the community. And I agree with Ukryty. Being unaware and going through everything with "eh whatever" kind of attitude made many people distraught. I'm prob not welcome here neither I feel like it and I'm fine with it. I'm not asking for forgiveness and neither for recognition of my measly contribution which was overshadowed by the chaos I inflicted. Hope you all are doing well and have gotten over this childish conflict I helped in the making.

Forum is honestly in worse condition than couple months ago.

Would you look at that?

Not much of a deal,since death and kill ratio is presneted by more or less bones in rank.

Eh,this game's days could be easily numbered,just as individual's will to play.

Well not bad but not good too.

Lol this thing is back.

Just shut your face pls.Why you spam and stain the forum?!?!