Let's discuss new spear! Is it worth to play with it?

Ukryty(Still alive 04 03 2021) 7 years ago updated by savage doge 7 years ago 27

Spear was the worst weapon in game for some long time. In last days spear finally got some love. Is it worth to play with spear by now?

Spear got three new attack modifications what made it very universal weapon - It has same weapon throw as bow special, slower attack rate and it has better charged attack - Lunge.

Everyone remember times when players keep spamming charged attacks, because it was doing 3 dmg. Now with Lunge spear is the only weapon what deal more damage with charged attack than normal, but it's only doing 2 damage per hit. It also does you travel faster if you keep doing lunge - same mechanics as long time ago, when all weapons got it.

The second new thing is its' throw. It's now little slower than fiery arrow but it's almost the same - but damage is higher. It's a dream for players who fight like they try to make enemy have 3 hp or less, and then they throw their weapon, but it's too slow flying so they hardly ever hit enemy. With spear they can be sure they will hit enemies with throwing it, because it's flying faster and piercing, so there's only one rescue for people - kick it to reverse it.

The third new thing is slower attack rate. Before update it was almost same attack rate as claws - but it was dealing same damage as claws, so it was worse. The good thing combined with attack rate was just shield and attack - now with less attack rate weapon got really nerfed.

I will do that question again: Is the spear worth to play with it by now?

Weapon got buff, but it has now problem with attack rate - you need to be skilled in fighting with spear to make it your own bones factory. But spear got this nice buffs so people should forget about previous spear and start again with new spear - it's really worth to play with it.

Wow, you really read all of this?

(Add that topic type "Other" because this topic isn't even idea - it's just other than bug, question or idea.)

nope its not worth it


Do you ever tried to play it? Of course, it can be not worth it for people who never played with spear like you, but if you master it, spear will be your own bones factory.

+1 the first weapon i bought was spear

i did and its just a bad weapon

cough cough...noob... cough cough cough

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I'm fan of witcher even if my ingame nick somehow is used in witcher 3 too, since I didn't knew before that there exist Ukryty (translation: Hidden) in this game, but now it's nonsense to change my nick because I love to see like people run away with speed higher than Usain Bolt and they have to make group of support to kill me :)

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ofc i just wish spear had a better special (even tho its useful in arena for dodging attacks u will be kinda invincible for 1 sec)

Now that its balanced and buffed,its still not that great as it may seem in first place.Now most of ppl run from ya,regardless of their hp,they just wait for throw to be available and throw it.

I write it 40 seconds after I died with 62 bones in 5v1 fight - Throwing spear is difficult because its' hitbox sometimes go outside and smoke weed again and again and again - but it's very useful in fighting against groups same as lunge. Getting bones never got that easy with spear :D

I just wished that the clash effect didn't apply to the spear's attack.

Block their attack - then spam hit or throw it at them. Much better than getting in the habit of just spamming and getting stunned yourself

Spear now has the most difficult learning curve in the game. It is completely unlike the other weapons because of the charge attack, and instead of its special being its best attack, it's now the throw. This means you have to learn how to fight without a weapon if you want to get good with spear. I really like it and will be playing with spear a lot more often :)

Yea,with new weapon mechanics comes the adequate amount of skill in order to fight it with ease,same goes for every weapon in the game.


Spear is really different now - To me, it's really good. You can farm bones off of noobs SUPER easily, and the combination of the special and throw makes it ideal for killing runners.

 The charge attack is a great way to surprise your enemies and get some damage in, though you need good timing and experience to land it in a one on one.

The throw is really nice for a bow user like myself - If you zoom out a little, you have SNIPES with that thing. If you have quick reactions you can nail even skilled people.

So yeah I think it's a bad weapon xD

It's good weapon, you just need to learn how to fight with it. 1000 hours should be enough ^^


Absolutely, I don't regret buying the spear long ago anymore because as Lord here mentioned, it is quite useful against runners, and with the lunge attack you can dash in, Charged attack the nearest 2-health enemy then dash out to look for the next. You can even have your own duels with it, as if you can dodge rolls, that's almost 2 health plucked off of the enemy. If it's meta in browars/arena is yet to be decided, though it's good in 1v1 if you time your lunges right.

new tactic : use lunge and dash for more range! :)

I don't really like it, the lunge attack is super hard to aim and very easy to counter.  The long range of the spear's regular hit helps against someone who is rolling but you can not get much damage in with it.  It is also countered like every other weapon with a kick.  The throw is pretty good but only because people have not gotten used to fighting spear.  Once people fight against it more it will be pretty useless.  Over all the other weapons all seem to be better then it but ice staff and axe.  Some one might get good at it but for now I think it is still one of the worst weapons in the game.

I'd prefer the old spear, but this spear is decent as a change. Its lunge is pretty ok and very usable, so it helps with the spear's popularity (smh). The lunge, if used correctly, can make the opponent not be aware of it being used, so you can chip 2 damage off from the player (also faster dash boost from the charge).

I do not like the throw, because it has reduced damage, and ruined about 3-4 tactics I know about throwing and combos, in return for 2-3 new tactics.

Also the lunge is immune to something. ;l Helps a lot about my opinion on the new spear.

you want old spear when the throwing sucked ?