Dash improvement

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So now everybody knows that dash can be used every 5 seconds or so..so I thought the dash could be changed a bit.Since dash cannot be used multiple times in a row,I thought that it's usage can increase,in cost of stamina,off course,and it can't be used forever then,which will make it too op.Another thing I can expect,and that's mostly dissagreement because most of ya' will think it's too op,even with my idea for stamina cost of multiple dashing,so I won't be surprised if I get good load of downvotes,and I'm okay with this since it's your opinion and I respect it.


uh , well that wont be really op if its going to cost stamia you need your stamia for more important works such as running and for ice mages thats even harder they need to save their stamia to fight.


That's why stamina needs to get buffed,noone wants to lose all stamina after 15 metres,well 10 if you use ice staff.Stamina's regeneration rate is good now,but it drains too fast,especially when running-jumping combo,not to mention,ice staff uses it all after 4-5 seconds,which is bullsh#t,though i don't use it.


Or this multi dash use can be stamina free after 4-5 dashes in a row,so players won't abuse it.

the problem may be that u could accidently use up all your stamina by dashing two times on accident

To me, the dash is mainly used when I have no stamina or any other techniques to do or stop something. Like when I used up my energy and I couldn't shield an attack, I could just dash out of the way or do something with the dash altogether.

Also I mainly like scare or just taunt the enemies with an attack in the arena while staying still or not running, so I could regain my energy. If you can, you can just stay still and get 2x stamina regen, tho it might not exactly be useful sometimes unless you're a staff user......ice staff mechanics need fixing

i accidentally dash a lot when im not trying to, plus my sonic roll would become a bit op


That's why it'd beginn to consume stamina after 2-3 dashes in a row,so you'll be more aware of it.


Also,dash usage woućd have cooldown,but way shorter,like 2 seconds or so.

I had the same idea when i read your post but for some reason i didnt say it


Oh.Well,more luck next time.

You was going to become copycat, Razvan?


*spits tea *Oh crap,autocorrect.

Such Smart Seal


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I feel like the dash animation alone is kinda awkward to me. Standing still then just shifting somewhere else perfectly straight is kinda unsettling.


Yea,the dash animation should be better,like dodge with hips or so.