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Ban/ Mute issa04

Disguised 4 years ago updated by Ukryty(Still alive 04.03.2021) 4 years ago 58

This user repeatedly posts useless random idea, about one 1 every day. It has registered a month ago and has posted 24 ideas so far. There happens to be a rule that say 1 idea per week.

I don't particularly mind if that rule is broken as long as the ideas are good.

At one point half of the front page ideas were taken by this user (and most of them were garbage, if not all.. I don't fully remember)

The ideas posted by that user, some are ok, but most are spam and I that person should be hanged. 

Since we can't hang people (sadly), the best next option is a ban or at least mute.

Here is the link to the profile: https://wilds.userecho.com/users/4775-issa04/topics/

This is going under bugs, because that is the most fitting option of the 3.

He said he´ll stop posting in September or something like that.

Ifram I thought that from my phone i can't use userecho ...

Oh... damnit then.

Now I'm really busy and I do not have time to waste for kids like you that want to ban person ... but I'll comment this post soon.

Very funny  😂

Under review

Issa mate - please respect this rule. Get your very best idea and post it once a week - the reason is that otherwise the forum is flooding with ideas that I am not able to implement as one person nor have time to read that much content. Thank you for playing so long and please understand my point of view.

I was talking with issa that he will stop posting in September, but after I said he probably made his own bank, that he can make as many topics as he want, and then, when he end posting, he must wait so long to make next idea. After I said he has to make total 53 topics to wait a year he started to make topics again. Sorry :'(


Hi Rezoner,

Im one of oldest player in this game and you know that im not support those who turn to me with the swearing or something like that.

Now I promise you that I will only post one ideaper week and if I do not respect this rule i will propose you to mute me.

Thank you for how you turned to me unlike many other players and bye 😃

Since when m8? I played since feathers.

So what's with those 53 topics in a 1-2 months? :(

Rez I know almost all the players in this game ... browsing the rankings there are about only 10 players I do not know, can anyone tell you about my behavior.

How long do you play wilds?

Too much I can not remember xD

I play as long as this game exist.

TBH, issa04 is being a copycat, thinking that he/she can eat rules without consequence!

I respect this rule m8 my last idea was 2 months ago.


the whole reason rez implanted the 1 idea a week rule is so that the forums don't get spammy however Issa is not 100% spam account its about 50 50 and he has some good ideas too


Why  teh heck awr people being banned? They just need a stern talking to. +1 for rezoner

this is a bug? lol

Guys i dont understand only one thing...which topic i repeat or copy?????

Please answer me.

(I talking about I EAT RULES FOR BREAKFAST and Ukryty comments)

I being a copycat...what??????

Woah woah woah. Do I ever said that you are copycat or repeat/copy any topic? Think before you say something, because you slowly lose in what you say.

sigh*... you are quick to assume but don't think it out thoroughly. What I mean is that you break rules which I did first.

Also, I down-voted this topic.            :/

Congratulations for the good bug Disguised  😂


Don't pay attention Issa.

Probably that people who is asking for your ban, is people who are insulting and running in game... so just, dont pay attention.


Hey PERRA!!!

How are you? Long time...

You're right, from now i will ignore this post.


Sure, a ban might have been a little overboard considering that he was only spamming random ideas and breaking rules.

I still do not regret bringing this up because now Rez has dealt with the issue quite skillfully.

Why are you saying that he should not pay attention? Clearly you have read what I wrote about him spamming random ideas without regard for the 1 week rule. You probably couldn't understand what I said in the post so go learn some English before you start commenting bullshit.


I said that just because... well... from my point of view, people who is really commenting bullshit is the one who is asking for  "banning" for someone who has a really good behaviour ingame and here or ALSO saying some really polite and adult arguments crap like "you probably couldn't understand what I said in the post so go learn some English"  <------- hahahhahaha  :(



He put more than 1 post a week, ok...... Rez already flogged the sinner at the public square and he will not do it again, MAGIC!!!! :O!!!!!!!!!!

Oh, fuck... finally I paid attention :_____________(

PS: Don't make me cry again, please.

I wish I can vote your comment 100 times up! 

Perfect comment  😉

I paid attention wt_


"polite and and adult arguments". No more needs to be said, it all makes sense now.


You are right, that is not the best word, although.... well... I translate it directly on my mind, meeeeh my fault.... KISS ME. I just wanted to say that your reasoning... perfectly could be from an adult/grown/mature (irony!!)

In any case, your argument is only based on "someone who is not english-native-speaker and could (will) have some mistakes"? .................................................................Ok.

I rest my case.

PS: Respect bro.

PS2: Nah, shame of you.

PS3: Kiss me please

Guys one last thing, i break Rez rule or Disguised rule?????

Im sure that Rez not needs you to defend him.

If he wanted to mute me he would already have done it.

What do you mean Disguised Rule? I never stated any of my own rules. What I said was that some of your ideas are ok, but most are garbage. I'll give you a 50/50 this time. You keep posting anything that comes to your mind and there is a 1 idea per week rule. 

Also I can hardly understand what you are saying... 

1. Are you saying that Rez will not defend me? If so, what does that even mean?? Rez has dealt with the issue.


Rez not needs Disguised to defend his rule !!

If he wanted to mute me he would already have done it.

And we have to go learn some  english...

Very funny  😂

That epic fight against forum users ;_;

#1 way to get down votes:

Make a topic about banning a person.

BILBOO there are people who have not yet understood it.

Bilbooo, that isn't true. Look at my ban post:               :P  


17'5 4lm057 160 r3pl135! 4ny0n3 w4nn4 6ump 7h15 p057?


I didn't say it was always the worst way. I'm just saying that USUALLY it doesn't get good votes.

Also, yeah, Galactus is a jerk.

You're right BILBOO.


Please stop burrying good posts with this

What do you mean "this". This is a quality post. I almost feel like I'm the only one enjoying the forum wars..

Was this bumping really necessary?

"...the only one enjoying forum wars." Are you here only for making wars between users?

Obviously not

This useless bump.

Man,are you that reckless?

Look at that timing 1 min ago, reckless? I will do anything to have a bit of fun ;)

Not you,for god sake.My neolitic pc sucks,my phone sucks,everything sucks,so I couldn't even use comment options properly.

Don't insult people for fun, please XD