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Small changes/bugs in the menu

Egzekutor 4 years ago updated by thebadman 4 years ago 4

Hello, in the menu you can find some things that should be updated. Because this is the first place where new players are coming, it shall be always up to date. How own business card.

(Because you preparing for a major update, you can do it too on the occasion).

1.Update videos of weapons:

After adding wand and small changes to the mechanics of the bow and sword movies showing how the weapons are outdated. They should be updated in order not to introduce new players confusion. In particular, I'm talking here about the wand and bow.


2. Bug in the character customization preview window

Sometimes I see bug when the shield moves in the opposite direction than the character. It looks strange, and I think it should be fixed.

3.Update descriptions in "help" window:

In the description of the individual movements are some shortcomings and some information must be updated. all i show below:

Kick always deals 1 damage, even when kicked an opponent who does roll.

Kick can reverse any projectile, not only knives. I think this should be taken into account.

Throwing items you can also trade in stores. So much people do not know how do it.

I think that in the description should be a link to the advanced guides that are on the forum.

This should help players who do not visit / do not know about the forum and want to improve their skills.

4. Distribution of each option in the menu:

I think that some of the tabs are in the wrong place and should be categorized, or placed in a more intuitive way (but this is my opinion):

I think that the tab "help" should be closer to the tab "tutorial" because they are interrelated. While the tab "options" should be placed below the "play" button or next to the tabs "top" and "train".

But this is just my opinion, and I want to know what others think about it.

I think that I did not missed anything, but if so, please write about it in the comments.

I am waiting for a response particularly with regard to the changes place of buttons.

Regards. Egzekutor


My imagination:

Totally new player: Wow i saw arrows and guy with bow, i want it!

*enters the shop*

-2400 gold? ok, lets buy some.

*bought it*

ok, let's see how this is working

*watches outdated video how to use arrow, but he don't know it*

I'm buying it!!

*bought bow*

*enters TRAIN mode*

*he is trying to shoot like on this video*

Why I don't shoot arrows? I'm hitting LMB and hitting and nothing shoots. And i'm doing 1 dmg, so lower than axe!

*5 minutes later: he is getting mad*

*10 minutes later: RAGE*

*15 minutes later: Posts the problem*

*Everybody is downvoting the problem, nobody answer how to use it*

Those people is stupid, they are just haters. Does it mean that everybody is stupid?

*Topic gets "Not a bug" and is declined*


Sorry for long post, but this type situations probably appear and wilds.io is getting non-popular in future - only old players!

-"Bug in the character customization preview window "

- Some pics.

Kicks also disarm your enemy if he does normal attack, this is another reason many players switch to charges and rolls/kicks when they realise that. :P