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Ban HANGOVER/ Dumb Chat Filter/ I want my tribe back!!

Disguised 2 weeks ago • updated 1 week ago 18

So this poor excuse for a human kept spamming me with "u fucking retard" in arena. Honestly, I wouldn't really care too much if the chat filter wasn't so bad. I say the word fuck and I get a 60 sec mute (all other words are OK of course). HANGOVER son of a bitch gets to say it all the time and nothing happens. Seriously, annoying AF and daddy Disguised is not happy.

Its been a couple months now and I still didn't get my tribe back. I get it, this game isn't doing so well as we would all like to and no youtuber has uploaded a video on it in a while, userecho was in bits and Rez is making some game.

That's great and all, but I want my tribe back.

Fuck all archers and have a nice whatever depending on your time zone. 


That's hypocrisy, using the word in your own post...?

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Please let Executor know what is your tribe name ok?

Thanks for replying Rez, I have already made a post 3 months ago (https://wilds.userecho.com/forums/1-general/topics/4231-can-i-please-have-my-tribe-back/). Egz has seen it and I bumped it yesterday.

Is there a way to contact him personally?

What is your Tribe name or TAG?

Tribe Name: Demon Executioners


So.. is anything going to happen?

Hey Rez, you accidentally placed me into the DEMONS tribe, instead of DEMON. 

Thank you so much!

soo.. are you gonna ban him or what?

how the fuck can  I take this seriously when he calls himself "daddy Disguised" ?


How can we take you seriously when you keep posting things that are meant to be jokes but aren't even funny? On top of that, they aren't even constructive in any way. Just like your brother Seal, at this path, you will be banned.

Ah...I found Seal's sister

wait hangover is BANNED NOW????? :D YES YES YES


No, I played with him about 10 seconds ago. How did I know it was him:

1. The name

2. His English was terrible and all he could say is "I facking your mom in 6 years" whatever that meant..