Enhancing throw mechanics

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As of now, throws dont seem to be the most viable move, as it is not used in combat often. I propose that we ask to change weapon throwing so it is more viable in combat, and more effective for use. Each weapon could have its own unique throw. my health scale im using is the current 8/8 hp

Bow- same throw

Wand- Throw that travels at same speed as of now, but the wand's direction could be controlled via mouse.

Spear- Classic, strait spear throw that travels 2x speed and does 3 dmg.

Claws- tossing claws like darts, does 1 dmg, travels at 2x speed but stuns for 2.5 seconds

Ax- same throw, but can instantly break trees and slow people down to 75% player speed for 1 second

Hammer- A throw that only travels a short distance, lobbs overhead, but does 3 dmg and stuns for .5 seconds

Sword- normal throw. slows people down to 75% player speed for 1 second

If the dmg values are unbalenced let me know in the comments and ill edit the post to change them


Yea,throws are often annoying,but spear needs actual throw unique for itself.+1

The spear kind of needs to be a javelin if it's going to be a far thrower, as well as being efficient and lightweight. The damage should be the same (or even less) but the speed should be fast, which I agree on.

There should be 2 spears, one being a distance spear that does its purpose to attack at a distance (like what jashin's post was about (pikes and halberds)), while javelin could be the second, being lightweight and great for throwing.

Or just have 1 spear with a bit higher damage but speed remains same,and then charged attack would be actual spear throw with high speed and damage.

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It would be really great to throw spear straight. This has been mentioned a lot in the past, and it just makes sense to throw the spear like it's a spear, not a frisbee. Add that, then increase the speed of the throw, and it would also help provide a very needed buff for spear. +1

Rezoner said that he will make the spear pierce and go straight,i dont like the other ideas except the claws that do 1 damage(no stun please)

Yea,spear will get more popular at least,but claws are ok,no need for buffing them,mybe nerf them instead,but don't mind if it doesn't.

have the axe throw be like a tomahawk throw lol

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