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Rribe ownership

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So lets say I made a tribe, then a few members join and I decide to leave the tribe and join another one.

Who becomes the next owner? The person with the most bones? or is there no owner.

Also what happens if I decide to go back to my own tribe? Do I just become a member or will my ownership be back?4


I don't get the title

Its meant to be *Tribe*

I think you'll come back as member, but could you say what is "rribe"? Translate google passed out..

Ugh writing error, I didnt notice it e.e

Under review

A random member becomes a leader.

wow, I screwed up...., I bet it was some noob who will never come online again.. hahahaha

So I can't every get my tribe back? or at least know who the owner is..

you can but i dont remember

something like /recover

I wonder if there is a time limit on it, I dont really want to return, unless my tribe does a good job in its development..

that´s a scumy thing to say

It isn't. I have already invested 8K bones into WAR. The tribe I created, half of those people have invested 0 bones. Let me repeat that for you. HALF. 

Why should I waste my time on a tribe that is not making any progress??

The reason I would like to return is because I want to be in charge of updating the bulletin.

Its not like making me the leader would change anything, no one would even know. 

What I am essentially asking for is leaving my current tribe (which would not happen), which would mean letting go of all the hard work I put in, and then upgrade the bulletin. Not worth it.

I'm not actually planning on leaving, it was mainly hypothetical.

Though I am considering making a new account. Gathering bones for the sake of a goal is nice.