Remember me?

Press F Huh 4 years ago updated by SkrilletZNinja ZX 3 years ago 26

I really miss the old wilds.io..Remember the fun times of me spamming everyone in the chat in the tip full US server? If you don't, then you're probably an OG player of wilds.io or a rly new player xd. I'm just posting this to see if people remember me lol. I hope more players come back to wilds.io.. And Egz, I hope you do your magic and find a way to get more players. Have a good day y'all... 

OG wilds was amazing. 

ps: i was harmbe



It was a really amazing game 

Mhm, the nostalgia runs deep in this community.


Haven’t heard from the game in a long time

And i think I never actually comment something here  :p

Xd, I remember you also! with your bear claws xD

Wow, its nice to see that people are still here lol. 

yeah we are here 💖

Mhm, hope you guys stay!

And still my best weapon 

I haven’t played a lot but one day I’ll return 

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Guess who's back, even if it is for 1 second :)

ayyyyyyy wadup lmao

Ah the nostalgia :')

men I don't play this game for a long time is it true no one's plays it anymore?sad it was a good game

It was the best, wilds was awesome bro, fully remember u bro, Press F xd

Thanks, mate, I remember u too with all the capes and hats in the game xd. 

Legends never die

It's definitely been a long time since I've played. Glad to see people are still here lol.