Menu Screen Bugging Out

Sal 4 years ago updated by Egzekutor 4 years ago 1

The menu screen keeps bugging out and spam reloading, I've tried many things such as going through my firewall settings, privacy stuff, and other such as my adblocker being toggled off when trying to play. This is quite annoying since anytime you want to go to the menu to use the shop, character customization, or collect/start new quests, this issue happens, and it continuously happens for several minutes before it stops bugging out. If anyone has any ideas, tips, a way to fix this, or is also experiencing this, please lmk. :) 

Thanks! :D

One thing which you have to do, is turn off auto login option, everytime when you logged in to your account. This option is bugged right now. If game is restarting you need to delete wilds.io cookie.