Unarmed option

Reuben Di Lecce 6 years ago updated 6 years ago 3

What about a option (cost money or not) in weapons that is unarmed. But with unarmed you can do more with kick and punch but you have no shield but do have a parry for blunt weapons 

Down scroll is parry. Parry is not like the shield where you can just hold it but parry has to be executed at the same time the other person attacks like kick. The reason parry is better than kick at times is a move can be done after parry but there is a slight delay in using parry again so it can't be spammed.

Normal kick can be used skillfully go against non blunt weapons as normal (meaning sharp things like swords, axes and).

Charge attack + right click (right click while charging the charge attack) does some sorta flying kick high damage but you fall after doing the kick to the ground having to get back up.

down + kick Does a sweep kick in place which can be used to counter twirling charge attacks like the sword charge attack.

You go low to the ground while doing the sweep kick to avoid the twirling attacks.

move left or move right + kick (move left for kicking on the left and move right for kicking on the right) can be used to side kick. Side kick can cancel out left or right dashes  of the other person but can not cancel out stuff like roll and jump, this kick can be executed very quickly but has a slight delay after being used to be used again.

Just Charge attack does a upper cut which causes high damage but moves the player a little in the direction they are facing and they cant control movement while this move is being executed.

If a player is behind you and you kick, you  kick behind you (this back kick may or may not be a good feature).

The special attack would be a falcon punch that stuns (jump into the air arm extended coming down with a punch).

If you see something that doesn't seem right or makes this whole idea terrible please comment.

the concept itself is quite cool but im not sure about the controls, i mean if you press down and kick you will perform a sweep and maybe you wanted to go downwards and perform a kick? rezoner has to make the controls himself

Ok thank you for noticing that. A solution would be adding the sprint plus down plus kick. For side kick same just adding holding right click (sprint) plus move left or right plus kick.