Arena quitters/disconnects

TheLegion27 3 years ago updated by J4sh1n 3 years ago 9

Alright this post was made after someone disconnected or quit on me right at the start of a game that was already a tough match up, and honestly, it really makes me mad when this happens. I think it's relatively easy to agree with me when I say that you shouldn't completely get crushed in a match because your teammate left, that isn't fair in the slightest to the person missing their partner. I have possible suggestions to fix this (even though Rezoner is sorta ignoring userecho right now I'll still make this idea with the hopes that Rez will take the time to read this, as I find this relatively important). If you dislike the suggestions don't go straight to the dislike button, tell me how you personally think it can be fixed, because this needs a fix.

2v2 fix: When your teammate quits on you in 2v2, I believe that the match should be postponed, or paused where it is, with the round restarting with a new partner if your teammate doesn't come back. If your teammate comes back, they should be put back into the same 2v2 with the score the exact same way it was when he left. Now yes, I see how this can be abused with people leaving as they are about to lose, but my fix (for a problem that doesn't exist) is to not have the round restart when the teams health is too low. If the health is too low, the entire 3 rounds will be given to the other team, to discourage quitting. If the person who quits doesn't come back within a minute or two, then the next available person around the same rank will replace them and the rounds will resume as they are. The person about to join will get a warning and an option for if they want to replace someone who has left, so they aren't thrown into a random situation with no hopes.

1v1 fix: The person who left will have the chance to restart the singular round where it was before they left (as long as their health isn't too low), and if they don't return the entire three match will be given to the remaining person in the 1v1.

These are my fixes to possibly improve the 1v1 and 2v2 experience to get around the crashes and disconnects. If you see a problem with my idea's feel free to say what you believe will improve them. 


what about afk players?

Afk players don't really have a fix, are there any suggestions you have?

afk players are kicked after the starting round if they dont move?


Was I in this match XD

Ok, tbh, I think that some of this is good stuff.

What I would say is, the teammate of the quitter gets a choice to auto-kill anyone for one round, or just sit it through. Their choice.

._. We need "not-so-severe" penalties, too.

I love it when the overpowered opponent loses connection. But yeah, features like this should be implemented to save some of us laggers our rank.

Yeah, not all the blame can be given to the player that supposedly "quits". Maybe it's because that person disconnected against their will. Whatever the case, nice solution though I have a feeling matches will become way longer. 

just replace with bot

and depending on your lvl its attack increases