My apologies

Seal (Im still alivee) 3 years ago updated 3 years ago 29

It pased quite a while,but I know I fucked up with those comments and all that stuff,and that was just cuz' I was glad to be back from all torture in real life(better not ask nor think)and back again to this comunity.

I know I may sound douchey,but I was only glad to be back to this forum alive,lol.I screwed up tremendously,I admit.And also when I tried to ressist the urge of chit chatt crap,I failed and went in even deeper shit.

I'm rly fatigued from all stuff lately in real world so I can't come up with few more to mention what I caused,besides a forum downfall and that kinda shit.Well I realized that this shock of mine when being back to forum turned shit in matter of miliseconds,and that's what I regret.

I may sound like a chliché stereotype inserting kid,but I apologize to:J4sh1n,Pate,Sgt Pain,Ruby Rose,Mrrrp and so on,I could count as long as I can remain stabilized now.My great apologies to whole comunity and I'm sorry for poisoning it and making Cernobil 2.0 here.I'll be offline(*forum whispers:fuck yea!*) in next couple of weeks,don't ask why,but the point is that if you forgived me or not,I wouldn't care at all comparing to what I've done.

And if there's one thing I want you to take from everything I've said,regardless of how cringy or chliché is,it's that you -"Live life you will remember and not regret,aim for Moon since you'll still end up in stars even if you miss it."

Thank you


you should be mod


You should be comedian cuz of that joke you said.I laughed my soul off that I don't have.

Thanks :)

You laughed your soul off


Again,soul I never had.


You don't want to be moderator?


I shouldn't be moderator at all.


I made a post 4 u


Well that's ok but still not gonna happen what you expected.....


Why not?


Isn't it obvious.Me as moderator!?!?


Exactly. Embrace it and become your own


He's being modest let him be, @You.


I feel satisfied, but dissatisfied.   This was a victory and a loss.   I will give it a downvote, but a vote.  For I've become a monster . . for hunting another too much and no assessing my surroundings.   I only hope in this time that you think about your attitude towards the community and step up to the plate next time with some dignity.  I did not enjoy doing this to you (maybe I did a little) but I do hope you learn from this and come back stronger from this backlash.   

I'm still open toward talking on discord though, respectfully 

Well,don't feel bad about me cuz' I screwed up,not you(you only reacted the way anyone would).Well if someone has become a monster,then I was.And no worry for me,I'll had plenty of time to think about this on treatment,but no rush though.

If you feel bad, you can feel better. I have suffered from e coli too

I'm pretty much lonely on discord because it's empty asf ,_,

what discord are you in? wilds.io? that place is dead as shit



Wait, ARE you being Sarcastic?

Your pfp goes perfectly with this message mrrppp

I'm not being sarcastic

You have admitted you have screwed up, Seal. This is something very hard to do, I admit. You must learn from this. I am willing to forgive you of everything if you help forum by posting productive comments and posts from now on. If you do not, and continue to do what you have been doing, then you will probably be booted off this forum in time. If you do this, and help the forum out, then consider yourself forgiven.


Well i hope finally you found what is wrong, and what should be changed. With this post you showed me, you are not stupid, but you want talking with people. For this really you should be active on discord where you can talking all the time with the same people. 

People should understand, forum is a place where Rezoner and players should have help from other players. When you see someone is trolling, better way is ignore him, or make comment which can hit him in weak spot, and open his eyes. 

Honestly if i get mod, i planned make post which will be last chance for everyone who spamming/trolling on forum, but even i have patience, and one comment too much after this post will be reason to ban. I try open your eyes and don’t waste this chance. If you not understand what are you doing wrong, just ask me or someone who know how to be better in such place.

 This is message to everyone who messed on forum, now or in last time. And if you still not understand what are you doing wrong, just ask me - i can explain everything, and people + forum will be happy.

(+1 for constructive post)


How does forum can be happy, if it is not living actually?


Welp,I will never know.But one thing is sure,I'll make change in here considering my condition,and I'll be more wise than before,aswell as helping game anyway I can,so I get turned back from dark side I released and made chaos in here.Well,Egz,you have my full respect and I'm willing to help you as much as I can without tiring myself too much right now.

Thank you for understanding me.