Make arena melee only

Not-a-name 3 years ago updated by Seal (Im still alivee) 3 years ago 6

Recently there have been multiple complaints on arena, especially on bow users. The problem with bow users in arena is that they're ranged and super obnoxious. You don't really even need to know how to kick to get to the three star rank with a bow. Now this is a problem because many of the people fighting them get super annoyed by them (especially if they're using a melee weapon against them), and if you do a single thing wrong it'll be all over. I see people in the chat complaining about this, people in other gamemodes, and hell even during arena matches sometimes!

    I feel like arena should be melee only. I mean, if we want to bring happiness to the players that like to play this gamemode, this is probably our best bet. Now I know people are gonna see this and be like "You f***! You better shut you f****** mouth up b4 I wreck u with bow!" Or "GIT GUUUUD" and on and on. So to those of you bow users i'll try to make a compromise!

     So what we can do is make ARENA melee only, but make Browars allow all types of weapons. Browars is 2v2, so you'll have help in case you come upon bow users. If you get two melee weapons vs. two ranged weapons it'll still be better than a 1v1 since you'll still have help. And to add on to that, there isn't a separate leader board for the gamemodes. That's right! All of you bow users can use your beloved waifu bows and arrows in browars and still get your precious arena points! And plus....    you get to do that with.... BUDDIEEEEEEES!!!!!!!

Please don't comment saying "But Siggo! I don't have any buddies D:"

But Siggo! I don't have any buddies D:

With pleasure.

Just wait till Rez comes back at the end of November...hopefully he'll solve most of our problems...

I wish I'll get back at the end of November...

That feeling when all big corporations in Poland are giving at least 5 new ads with christmas time in it XD

November means December for those fucking billionaires.

Well,whatever.I just want to end my treatment as soon as possible,that's it.