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go to the link in the title and downvote the post

if you dont understand why because of different reasons (youre new to this site or something like this)

ill explain it to you:(if youre lazy read only the highlighted sections)

This guy (BeeP BeeP Ima SheeP) is a troller. He keeps fuckin around on this forum thinking he is funny in some way. Rezoner, the admin of this site, doesnt have time to deal with trollers. Thats why the community, WE have to take him down. If you downvote someone his star rank gets lower    (picture below) 

as far as I know, If a person gets -50 star rank he gets insta ban. Correct me if im wrong

Thats why im conjuring all of you to go to the link in the title and downvote the post and SheepY's comments. All of them

Can you do it, community?

the top one doesnt work, it sends you to this post again :(

I don't know why people aren't even thinking about what NOT to do. JUST IGNORE. ALL HE WANTS IS A REACTION SO SHUT UP AND IGNORE EVERYONE.


I like celebrimors idea better


someone told me there is no insta ban thing so idk no

Etheric Form i dont think ignoring will work at all

lol yeah i'd rather do something other than sit around and do boring waiting so that I can get a better benefit.

No, Beep Beep ImA Sheep got -97 points and didn't got insta ban, it is on Rezoner if this user has to get banned.


.-. At the end of November our problems shall be solved by the lord and savior Rezoner.

Don't make trollers scream, they have to destroy christmas what is coming up :P

i want to have his head as a trophy

shadow horde will find you

Guys. You know what this is called. Raiding. That's not nice. I understand his post was terrible, but he has a point. This forum is ASLEEP. I haven't been here for days, because nothing meaningful is happening.

yeah im gonna have to correct you on that

all banning is manual and has to be done by rez

didnt know that, ty