Dear Rezoner,

THE_LORD_OF_FERRETS 3 years ago updated by kanguror 3 years ago 14

Howdy. What's up. Can you say something?

     I mean, you were on the forum 5 days ago. It's not like you died and haven't been back for 3 months. 

      Me and some of us forum users have been getting pretty damn tired of nothing. No comments, no posts, nothing.

      I get it. You are married now. You are busy with other things. You might just be tired of wilds. I get it. I'm not begging you to come back. I just want some communication. If this forum isn't going to be dev active anymore, I would like to quit. It worries me that people are making posts saying "any more ideas?". 

     If you're done, at least say so. If you're not done, get new life into this forum by saying something.

You don't need to stay here. We're all going to get busy with life sometime. Just talk. Share your thoughts. Please.



The one problem with the game and these forums has always been the minimal contact with the dev. The entire community could be behind something and sometimes there won't be a peep out of rezoner. It's helpful that egze is in contact with rez, but it would be much better if we heard rez's thoughts on stuff more often. At times in the past there's been intense debate in the forums, and sometimes we've had no idea what rez was thinking about it. Whenever rez has become inactive for long periods in the past, the forums have always spiraled downhill like they are doing now. If we're going to keep these forums running successfully, we need more communication. 

Contact through his Twitter?


I was talking with Rezoner few days ago and he will be back when he finish his game. Also new updates we are gonna add,  when i make new maps for wilds.

 It’s not like he left this game. Sometimes some things is more important and we can’t do with it anything. As always i’m helping Rez with it and if everything will be good, soon new map will be added. Not only in ruins, but also graveyard and maybe pvp. So at this moment just try calm down and wait for his new game, because it look promising. Also here is my idea - instaed of talking about wilds we can share our opinions about wanderers.io. Also you can check his progress with game on site rezoner.net and Rez twitter. 

Wanderers.io forum will be connected with wilds userecho, so we can freely talking about this game here until we not release new update in wilds. One thing what you need is little bit more patience. But i can promise - Rez right now hard working, and he still remeber about wilds. He showed it in my last conversation with him. 

Patience is essence now, so don’t waste time and make some topics about wanderers.io 

I’m curious what do you think about this game and what ideas you have.

Ok that's good

Understood, it's just that when he was 5 days ago he should have said he hadn't abandoned us.


You realize that this is a living, breathing human being with a life and job? This game isn't his life and only his life. He has things to attend to, worrying about people wondering where he's been for the past 5 days is the least of his concerns.

I love it already


;_: That's what I've been saying through my arguments...patience .-.

Sorry Rez, this post was really trash. It was immature, rude, petty, and impatient. VGL gaming is 100% correct.

VGL Gaming?