The grate bow debate

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OKKK guys, right now, bow seeeems very controversial. Suddenly there are "Fire Nation" and "Bow Haters." I made this post because this bothers me. I use the bow a lot myself, but I've never thought it was too op. Sure, I found that idiots with bows who just.... Won't..... Stop.... Shooting..... Suck. Also, the people that just run and shoot too.

So that's my opinion. I think that if there is a Nerf, bow will be even more balanced. Maybe a limited arrows mechanic? Where bow users get arrows for killing people, or from waiting, or from crates. Something like that.

What do you guys think?

One request - keep comments shortish. You know how annoying long-ass argument paragraphs are, especially when they are comments and are reaaaaallly skinny

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Discuss thoughts below


Of course i think bow is not op and only one thing which make now bow hard to beat is broken kick, because you can often receive damage even if you kick. When this bug will be repaired everything should be balanced again.

Our dev is too busy playing make believe with wilds.io assets being turned into a top down strategy that no one wants

I made a post with limited arrows, but it didn't got any praise - people will hate the game for limited arrows.


Hmmm, limited arrows. Well maybe unlimited arrows and some cooldown after constant shooting, something like arm is tired?

If not then maybe 100 arrows at start and new item, arrows pack which would give 10 arrows. Also i would like to consider nerfing clone archers. Yeah these guys which gather army of clones and shoot everywhere.

This would be linked with clones - they use your pack of arrows so if you shoot with 3 clones, you loose 4 arrows

Limited arrows doesen't make sense in arena matches.

I think ranged weapons have no place on arena - matches are supposed to be about SKILL, not how many lucky arrows you can shoot into the opponent.

Not everyone spam spam spams....like me. I use the bow, but I don't stand in 1 corner and spam. I use rolls, kicks, shield bash, and other moves than just SSSSPPPAAAMMMMM! But for some people.........>:(


I've thought of a few solutions to this myself however they're more along the lines of damage output and speed nerfs for example:

Slower arrow speed

Slower charge rate

Less damage per hit

Remove Bow Completely lel

Although that last one is more of a joke, I believe the first 3 could actually work as a solution to arrow spam.

...lmao I can't argue if it isn't in paragraphs by paragraphs ;v



I respect my enemies

Why is everyone starting these threads for discussion that don't even present a well thought out solution after I started one? If you're going to suggest a solution, you might as well support your claim with evidence to help encompass what it can do and how it will affect the community. 

I don't want to see people trying to earn points on the forum just from creating topic threads that don't offer a professional argument. Just try to be a little more precise and thorough please? 

Well...if you look at my "past arguments"...


I was simply trying to get people to talk. You know, instead of just argue the hell out of an unrelated post. I didn't mean to suggest a solution, the limited arrows is just a very vague idea. I also was not trying to get points. Downvote all you want - I just want the pointless arguments on other posts to stop.


Alright, bow, its just unfun to play against.  Bow users might have a fun time playing with the weapon but when they do so they make the game miserable to people they are playing against.  Even if kick was fixed, arrows where limited, arrows where lower i would still not want to fight it.  I play wilds to have fun and bow ruins that.

These are my thoughts about the bow and what I think should be changed if the kick as it is is going to stay.

I'm thinking since losing arrows to use for a bow, it becomes nearly useless.

How about starting with a limited amount of arrows, say 25, and each 8 seconds you obtain a new arrow. The arrow obtaining activates only if you use like say, 20 arrows out of 25. The arrow obtaining stops when you have likes 13 arrows...

Also you'll know how many arrows you have on the bottom of your character or like above the stamina bar as an "arrow bar (to see how many arrows out of 35 there are)", or just number/35.

Just my idea though :l

Better to fix the kick though, like what Egzekutor said.


i like the idea of gaining and losing arrows, like how dark explained it. then again, it would always be better to just have kick be a 180-270* thing or something like that

Kick should definitely be fixed

Maybe you should get arrows back by a) killing people (maybe getting 15 arrows for landing more than one shot and landing the last hit?)

Or b) landing arrow shots. Maybe 3 arrows for landing a shot on someone with more than 2 bones?(to prevent random shooting of noobs.)

I don't know how much getting one arrow per 8 seconds will fix things. That might encourage more running.

A max limit of arrows would help

I just think the reload time needs to be slower


Hi from yours fucking truly, if you are too lazy to read paragraphs, go onto twitter, where your oppinions can be short, sweet, and vague.  

Also using one makes you a dick automatically by default while the kick is broken, I mean it's OBVIOUSLY ABUSE when the move that us melee people rely on IS BROKEN, I honestly think people with bows now are trolls and lazy for it.

And as sheepie said, THEY ARE JUST UNFUN TO PLAY AGAINST, not only is it a lazy, boring way to play, it's fucking greedy and they know it, hell most of the bow users I talk to have the same troll mentality, that everyone else's suffering doesn't matter.


(for arena and browars, I don't mind fortress having it, rope bombs are bad enough)

A bow starts with 8 arrows, everytime you hit an enemy you get an arrow back, doesn't matter if it's with roll or kick, or hits, it just has to hurt them.

Or the bow just starts with 8 arrows and has to pick them back up again which is kinda boring I'd say so myself, but damn it we need options

I agree with literally everything you said. 

And Iv'e barely used bow since the update came out, thank you very much. I've been using spear recently.(The sneak attacks with that weapon :)

And you're right about the paragraph thing too. I have to stop reading the forum on the phone, where comments get really squished together.

I was micro managing, and being petty


Understood, Mild Mannered apologies for being rude.

I don't mind if you agree or not, but least you put your input in, because if I see something broken, I want to fix it for the sake of all players.   Hell, I wasn't even against bows until half the people I fought in arena are archers and getting pretty damn annoying, I mean, there is coping with the bows, of course but when it's being shoved in your face everyday, kick dying and yea, you tend to have Mild Mannered Hate towards it.

But, this brings me again to the rezoner not responding,I think at this point he's done with bows, I remember 6 months back he was struggling to find a good balance for the bow, he probably just set it and 'done', as for the kick, I hope we can get that back soon, but my hopes are low.

Just keep dodging and shielding. They'll come for you eventually, then, ROLL SPAM!!!!

BTW I'm the roll spammer of roll spammers

f the kick is fixed, no more problem. Argue all you want, but some people can deal with spammers.